Lisa de Speville has a varied sporting background in adventure racing, ultra trail running and event organising. She has been paddling for 20 years on various types of water. Her dog Rusty loves to come along on the back of her kayak.

Guiding and organising river trips for Paddle With Us combines Lisa’s experience of leading teams, coaching athletes, meticulous event planning and sharing her love of the outdoors with others.

Lisa heads up the media and sales side of Vagabond Kayaks. Based in Parys, Vagabond Kayaks was launched in July 2018 with a range of high performance recreational kayaks for casual paddling, fitness training and touring. We use Vagabond kayaks for our tours.

Celliers Kruger is famed internationally for his kayak designs, which he created and manufactured for his first kayak company and now for his new company, Vagabond Kayaks.

Celliers has vast experience as a river guide and safety kayaker on many rivers in South Africa as well as in Europe. An accomplished expedition kayaker, he has a number of first descents under his belt. He is also the author of books and articles on rivers and paddling.

After his children (Ruben and Kyla, now 11 and 14) were born, Celliers’ focus changed from competitive participation and exploratory first descent expeditions to family-friendly multi-day trips.

Paddle With Us is an evolution of his background in manufacturing kayaks, guiding and coaching, and his passion for multi-day trips.